Welcome! Join us On a Quest to Explore Games and Money

Video Games are constantly evolving. Not only from the way they look and the complexity of the game, but also how we play and when we do. There are a lifetime supply of free games on phones alone, but we can’t expect they are all good or that many of them are even worth investing playtime.

The Quest

We are on a quest to look at some of these free-to-play games and examine how developers are profiting. From a pure ads based game to nickel-and-dime-at-every-screen “freemium” titles, we want to see what works well, seems fair and is ethical.

Free2Player will feature a video “review” that is often accompanied by a blog post for further information and analysis. We’re excited embark on this quest!

Exploring monetization structures for games is the core goal of Free2Player. As indie game developers the discoveries we make could be crucial to our success.

So what are you waiting for – come explore with us!