Banana Kong: A Fun and Colorful Free Runner (Android/iOS)

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The Hunt for Fun Game Begins

When i want to check out a new game on my phone, I just launch Google Play and starting browsing. I might install a recommended game or dig a little deeper, but I don
T usually look at more than the app’s icon and maybe a few screenshots. I like to go into games as “blind” as possible, that way I can give it a fair assessment and potentially be surprised at how it is as a game.

Found Something…Fun?

Enter Banana Kong (Android, iOS), an Endless Runner with charming, colorful visuals and inviting gameplay. As far as free games go, this one balances gameplay with monetization very nicely. I never felt nagged to make purchases and in my experience, the ads didn’t bother me too much. I did pay 99 cents to remove the ads, but I did not at all feel forced or like I just couldn’t take another ad. I simply wanted to support the developers in a more active way. Seriously, these devs deserve a dollar from me!

Yup, It’s Fun

I’m not great at it or anything, but I did have a ton of fun playing for the video content (and beyond). There are tons of little “secret” areas and ways to explore with the endlessly generated level. Honestly, I’m only assuming it’s endless. Maybe there is an end, I certainly never reached it. Maybe it’s more of a race out of the jungle and the more bananas you grab and cool stuff you do along the way, the better your score. I guess that is the one disadvantage of going in blind, though.

The good news is, you don’t have to go in blind, it’s fun and worth checking out so why are you still reading this?

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First Video Up! Marvel Strike Force (Android/iOS)

This blog post accompanies the first video on the Free2Player Youtube Channel. Check it out!

I started playing Marvel Strike Force shortly after going to see Avengers: Infinity Wars because I was craving some super hero action. The game starts off fun and interesting, with slick animations and nice graphics as you watch your newly acquired Spider-Man beat up some baddies. Good graphics are nice to look at, but they don’t seem to be very nice to my phone’s battery (just complaining about good things, I guess).

It’s Free-to-Play

As far as a free game goes, it’s everything that you would come to expect these days, Energy System? Check. Outrageously priced In-App Purchases? Check. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. It’s actually pretty fun, and collecting new heroes to upgrade is a fun way to pass some time. I’m not even fully against Energy Systems in games because they keep me productive by limiting my play-time.

But It Can be Pay-to-Play

As far as in-app purchases go for Marvel Strike Force, I went into a bit more detail in the video, but the bottom-line is this: I don’t like them, I’ll probably never purchase any. I almost feel bad about this due to the absence of ads, but they’re far too overpriced, and don’t seem to add any additional value to the experience other than a hero with a different skin and moveset. I guess if you really enjoy the game, and your favorite hero is locked behind a paywall, then go for it!

Tons of Characters and Features

While there are tons of characters like The Punisher, Iron Man, Deadpool and others a lot of them either require a lot of work and effort to unlock, or just flat out cost money. The daily goals keep the game fun and interesting and the overall reward is to slowly unlock Wolverine. It took a little over a week worth of completing all the daily tasks. When I finally got Wolverine, it was a highlight of my experience with Marvel Strike Force so far. Wolverine is one my all time favorite heroes and I’m pretty biased towards the X-Men in general.

Worth Checking Out

Overall, it’s a fun game, with a lot of awesome action! If you haven’t checked it out already, you can play it on PC using Bluestacks, which makes the whole experience a lot better since your laptop or desktop probably has a bigger, nicer screen than your phone! Stay tuned for next week’s post/video – I look forward to playing more free games and sharing my experience.


See ya next time!

Welcome! Join us On a Quest to Explore Games and Money

Video Games are constantly evolving. Not only from the way they look and the complexity of the game, but also how we play and when we do. There are a lifetime supply of free games on phones alone, but we can’t expect they are all good or that many of them are even worth investing playtime.

The Quest

We are on a quest to look at some of these free-to-play games and examine how developers are profiting. From a pure ads based game to nickel-and-dime-at-every-screen “freemium” titles, we want to see what works well, seems fair and is ethical.

Free2Player will feature a video “review” that is often accompanied by a blog post for further information and analysis. We’re excited embark on this quest!

Exploring monetization structures for games is the core goal of Free2Player. As indie game developers the discoveries we make could be crucial to our success.

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